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Liam Grey
both feet firmly planted in the air

A recent vulnerability was discovered in WordPress. If you have not already done so, make sure you update the core installation, and any and all add-ons and themes.

You might want to backup your site before you do so.

(Via Diane Duane’s Tumblr.)

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Several M/M Blog Authors are talking about World Autism Day today. There’s a Master List over at RJ Scott’s blog. I hope you can take time to check it out.

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Blanket Back This is a traditional time of year to reflect on the year behind, and think about what we would like to accomplish in the year ahead. Resolutions, goals, whatever you want to term them. This has been tying up my brain recently, what I want to accomplish, how I have failed at meeting personal goals in the past, and how to set myself up for success.

So, instead of talking about that, I’m going to talk about knitting.

A blanket (which happens to be what I’m working on at the moment), sweater, scarf, cock cozy1, whatever, does not spring off your needles fully formed.

Likewise with writing, a novel does not just spring into existence. Even when I’m in “the zone” and where the fingers cannot move fast enough to keep up with my brain, it is still happening one word at a time, brain to fingers to keyboard to “page.”

A house is built one board, one nail, one carefully-measured cut at a time.

And sometimes, mistakes are made. You miscounted, so you sneak in an increase or a decrease. Rows need to be ripped out because you should have split for the sleeves 3 inches ago, but got caught up watching Thorin and Bilbo make eyes at each other. Words, paragraphs, scenes need to be torn apart and put back together. Sometimes, you realize that the yarn is lovely, but totally wrong for the project you bought it for. Sometimes you remove paragraphs, scenes, or entire characters.

Sometimes this process of deconstruction is heartbreaking.

Sometimes it is so very fucking cathartic.

Every piece of knitting has a mistake in it. Any knitter who tells you they have made something mistake free is, IMHO, lying like a rug.

It is vastly important, however, to note that “mistake-free” is is no way a prerequisite for “perfect”.

That is so important, it needs saying again:

“Mistake-free” is NOT a prerequisite for “Perfect.”

I made several hats playing with color work. They were too tight and the pattern pulled. My brother asked for one, anyway. When I made a sweater for mom, one skein of the gradated yarn was wound weirdly, and striped differently than the others, and it happened to be a sleeve. It’s totally mismatched and she loves it, and wears it all the time. The neck of the sweater I made for me rolls and there’s kind of a gap at the point in front. I love that sweater because the neck is broad and doesn’t bug me on the days my throat doesn’t want anything around it.

All of them have mistakes.

They’re perfect anyway.

And I made each of them one stitch at a time. Some days I did one row, some days I did 6 inches. Some days I did nothing. But I never abandoned them. I kept going back, and picking them up, and working on them until they were done.

And that is a really important thing for me to remember.

Barring Zeus and that whole Athena business, creation does not happen in an instant. Progress does not happen in an instant. It takes time, and deliberately adding that next stitch, over, and over, and over again.

And eventually, you get something that looks like this:

Close up of Wool Leaves This is the front side of that bumpy, loose-ends mess in the first pic.

It all happened one stitch at a time.

I think “one stitch at a time” is going to be my mantra this year. To keep in mind every time I don’t go for a walk, or eat from the cafeteria instead of bringing something from home, or do X thing that moves me closer to my goal. “Yup, I did not do that yesterday, but I can choose to add one stitch today.”

For example, this weekend is not going to end with all the dishes done and put away. But it is ending with me having updated the blog, with the laundry done and put away, groceries bought (even though I had to make an extra trip because I forgot something,) and soup in the crockpot which will be ready in the morning for me to take a healthy, homemade lunch to work (taco soup2).

Did I make all the “stitches” I intended to make this weekend? No. But I made some of them, and some of those stitches will set me up to make other stitches later in the week.

I’m excited to find out what I’ll make over the next year.

One stitch at a time.

Wool Leaves In Progress

Pattern is Wool Leaves by Jared Flood.

Cast on 141 stitches, planning on 11-12.5 repeats of pattern.

1: No, I have not.
2: My first time making it.

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Failing to keep to a regular update schedule? Gold star for me!

Making a post that is links to other peoples posts? Double gold star!

Brilliant advice from the lovely talented Diane Duane on reviews and feedback.

A post from Amy Lane on measuring success, and how you may need to re-frame “success”.

And Seanan McGuire reblogging Seanan McGuire about professional author success. (It is worth clicking through to the original post to read about a pirate site.)

All three of those posts rolled through various social media in reasonable proximity, so I thought I would consolidate and share.

In personal news, work is going well. I have been at my new job 3 months tomorrow. There is no shortage of things to do, the feedback I’m getting is good, and the work is generally interesting.

Now I need to go call my mother and tell her I survived the windstorm before she starts leaving increasingly passive-aggressive messages.


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It’s 2015, do you know where your website backup is?

If you own your own site, or have a blog that you host on your website, it’s a REALLY good idea to make a backup periodically. The more frequent you update, and the more important your content is to you, the more frequently you should backup.

Here are handy links to WordPress and Blogger:

How to backup a WordPress Site and Database.

How to back up a Blogger Blog (Google).

If you use something else, do a Google search on “backup [platform] blog”.

If you host your own website, it’s also a really good time to back that up as well. Your webhost (GoDaddy, Dreamhost, etc.) will have instructions on how to do that.

Life happens. Payments get missed. Sites get hacked. Auto-re-registration glitches and doesn’t auto-re-registrate.

Back up your site! I only remind you about this once a year!

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A couple links for you, on what is a wet, dark SunPBA_Recommended_Readday afternoon for me.

It’s Christmas Everywhere but Here was chosen as one of Prism Book Alliance’s December Recommended Reads.

It also received a B+ rating in a review by Nina over at Gay List Book Reviews.

I’m happy to be past the holidays and my family obligations, though the time off work was nice. I hope you did as well, and that you’re all ready to jump into the new year, because I don’t think it’s going to slow down.


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Solstice Dinner, 2014Being raised in a Protestant branch of church, Solstice was not something I paid a lot of attention to, growing up. I was exposed to it, mainly through the writings of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot.

I have enjoyed reading about her traditions the past few years and  hearing her stories of her holiday joys (and tribulations, told hilariously,) are helping me solidify in my head what I want out of the holidays.

Christmas is about family, sometimes whether we want it to be or not.

Solstice, that I’m going to take for me and mine. It’s just the cat and I here this year, but in a little bit, I’m going to unplug from the internet, clean up from making the delicious dinner over there on the right, and spend the rest of the evening doing something tangible, working on the blanket I’m knitting.

As I go forward, this will be a night for friends, and the family I’ve chosen. My relatives will command my presence on Christmas, as that day is important to them. This day will be important to me.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting this week, so I wish you a Happy Holidays, however you do (or don’t) celebrate them.

As always, thanks for reading.


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It is Friday, and that means Christmas is under a week away.

So, today you’re getting a three-fer. Clicking this link to Sinfully Sexy Reviews will get you:

  1. A 5 Star Review of It’s Christmas Everywhere But Here
  2. A guest post where I talk about some of the foods I associate with the holiday
  3. And, last but not least, a chance to win a copy of It’s Christmas Everywhere but Here.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty cool for a Friday morning.

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ICEBH Cover IconHappy Friday, All.

I am grabbing a few hours in between work and a community event I’ve gotten involved in to snag dinner, and try to quickly sum up the week.

Today I have an author spotlight over at Nautical Star Books. I’m their first author spotlight, in fact! Go take a look, learn a little more about my process for It’s Christmas Everywhere But here, and me!

Carissa at Love Bytes Reviews gave ICEBH 4.5 stars. Thanks, Carissa! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I’m in the part of the Pacific Northwest that just got slammed with wind and rain this week. I was thoroughly expecting a power outage last night, but while the lights flickered, they did not fully go out. I have the feeling I am going to completely face-plant after my event tonight.

I totally have the feeling there’s something I’m forgetting to link you but I’ve gone through everything in my e-mail. I can always make another post, right?

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thanks for reading.

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ICEBH Cover IconSo, on top of being release week for It’s Christmas Everywhere But Here, it was also a REALLY busy week at work. Not sure why.

I would like to thank the folks that have taken the time to write, and those that have starred and/or reviewed the book on Goodreads or Amazon. I appreciate you taking the time to do that.

I have a guest post coming over at Nautical Star Books this Friday, the 12th. I will say more about that once it’s live.

Now I’m going to go fold the laundry and then work on the knitted dishcloths I got voluntold to do so Mom can give them to a friend for Christmas. Oh, yes, I’m so enthused. Can you tell?

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